January 10, 2017

nectar FlowLab

FlowLab is the repository for all things creative within our process, a place to express and share personal creative endeavors, ideas and experiments.

From experiential design and projection mapping to coding, cooking, writing and everything in between this lab shall serve to showcase attempts, fails, lessons learned and anything else inspirational that doesn’t fit in a box. FlowLab is the result of trying to contain endless experiments, idea starts, designs and other random creative efforts. It’s hard. There is no single home that serves as a melting pot, a gallery of the related-by-being-unrelated…so we made one.

Jump in, and feel free to reach out/contact us about anything!

FlowLab Disclaimer


The FlowLab contains raw, under cooked, under baked, unedited content—straight from the heart. Please enjoy comments you may have (in your head). We are not ready for feedback in the FlowLab.

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