Christmas for Creatives


Finding someone the perfect gift for Christmas is often hard, but the challenge can be even greater when you’re buying for designers and creative people with specific tastes and talents. So we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you! We polled our designers, videographers, project managers, illustrators, and even our SEO expert (who just so happens to be a photographer too) about what you should get for the creatives in your life this holiday season.


    1. Drinking with the Birds

      from our Visual Mixologist, Diana


      Charley Harper’s iconic drawings of Nature have been celebrated since the ‘50s. Their graphic shapes, rich colors and friendly tone transcend time and still seem new and hip today. Having a set of this glassware would bring a smile to my face and most likely to any designer or lover of art. Check out the site–there’s lots gift choices at


    2. Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Skin

      from our fearless SEO Shogun, Christian


      A great gift for burgeoning designers, this keyboard skin will help them learn and remember all of the Photoshop shortcut keys and quickly become photo editing experts.


    3. Kombucha

      from our Account Wrangler, Chris


      For the creative kitchen experimenter, DIY’er, healthy-minded imbiber in your life, gift them with a Kombucha starter kit. Instead of ordering a pre-made kit, you can compile one yourself by shopping locally.

      5th Season Gardening/Preston Ave
      To Buy: SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast), 1 gal. glass fermenting vessel, glass bottles, PH strips

      Integral Yoga/Preston Ave
      To Buy: Organic black tea, sugar, cheesecloth (or you can use paper towel instead)

      And here is a recipe to get you started!

      Bonus: And to make it more festive for the holiday party season – after the 2nd ferment (w flavor of your choice), mix kombucha with a locally produced spirit to take the party up a notch. Enjoy and ferment responsibly!

    4. iskn Slate Drawing Tablet

      from our Digital Sorceress, Erin


      For the illustrator, hand-lettering fanatic, or doodlers in your life, the iskn Slate tablet is a perfect gift. It lets you draw on a tablet that automatically digitizes your pencil or pen strokes. So you get to keep the tactile feel of drawing on paper with your favorite pens and pencils, while also getting the convenience of having your masterpiece automatically digitized for you!.


      Bonus: Win the Slate tablet set now through December 22 by submitting a drawing on Instagram. iskn will choose one lucky winner, based on the prompt “Reveal your inner child,” to receive a free tablet set. More details:

    5. Soundbreaking, PBS Series

      from our Level 60 Video Mage, Tommy

      Nothing is more inspiring than hearing someone spill their heart over music….
      This statement can be read in different ways: It can apply to those who write and perform, those who are tasked with capturing those performances and presenting them to the world, and to those who simply gush with emotion over the sounds that have moved them. Soundbreaking is a PBS series that somehow manages to capture all of this while serving as a historical examination of the music industry.


      As a musician and a creative professional, I need inspiration like I need food or coffee. If I don’t feel inspired, I feel exhausted, so I put time into seeking things that bring me energy. One of the best sources of creative energy, in my opinion, is to hear brilliant people talk about what excites them. If you have someone in your life who is a musician, artist, producer, engineer, or just an active and hungry listener, then this series is an absolute goldmine of sheer musical love and energy with a very revealing focus on the roles of artists and engineers and the many ways in which those worlds overlap through the recording process.

    6. Divine Doggie

      from our Visual Mixologist, Diana


      There is no lack of pet paraphernalia in stores today, however, much of it is typically utilitarian and ubiquitous. As a designer obsessed with color, shape and function, I wanted more from my average dog bed and discovered Muttropolis who have managed to bring good design into the market. I especially love this hand-crafted, contemporary dog feeder.


    7. Selfie Camera Shutter Remote

      from our SEO Shogun, Christian


      The slimmest remote control for iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy / Notes. Take great selfies, group photos and videos from as far as 30 feet. Use the included audio jack phone stand to position your phone in a freestanding position. Never be left out of a photo again!


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