Google is wearing me out!

But that's cool.

The great creative director in the cloud.

Regarding SEO: Google’s insistence for seriously great, relevant content is wearing me out—in a good way. Requirements for high search rankings keep evolving from keywords to phrases to Google interpreting the semantics of said keyword phrases and now cornerstone content. I’d like to shout “Give us a break already.” But I won’t and here is why.


How would you like your burger?

We struggle to build larger online communities, grow opt-in email lists and produce stickier landing pages for ourselves and for our clients. All the while, it’s becoming increasingly easier for people to buy a logo for under $5 online, create a website for FREE and download an app to do their SEO. Part of me thinks this is fabulous; except for the fact that building brands and creating websites are how our team makes a living. The barrier to entry is all but gone in this once mysterious profession. I am now a service provider and have to be as flexible as a cashier behind a counter asking how you’d like your burger. The service provider part is okay with me and our entire team. We embrace it because personalized, genuine customer service is always in fashion and will continually set you apart—no matter what the field or what you do. Excel at your work—always. There’s never a reason not to.


“Thank Google” SEO doesn’t come from a can.

But ours is still a mysterious profession. We create authentically, passionately, emotionally great content. We don’t pour ours from a can. As Google gets smarter—we are all pushed to work harder. Think more. Be more creative. And as technology is making our jobs appear as if anyone could do it. Google is searching out and rewarding the ones who truly can.

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