Help! I’ve Fallen (Into a Blog Hole)


We interrupt your regularly scheduled, relevant and industry-related blog post to bring you this cry for help. We’ve fallen into a Blog Hole.

We all know what a literal “hole” is—a deep, dark crevice into which objects or people can fall and be trapped. Here, however, we are still referring to a dark and deep place, but one of a more metaphorical nature, as in a hole that one’s mind could fall into. It’s a crushing and clinical affliction that can be brought on by any number of causes.

One of the most widely-recognized variations is the “Show Hole,” described in Amazon’s commercials (see below). The “Show Hole” is a clinical condition brought on when a TV viewer reaches the end of a beloved show or series. The afflicted are likely to sit alone in the dark, knitting themselves into sweaters, and lamenting the lack of shows to replace the one that just ended. Luckily though, the commercials advertise a cure to this debilitating “Show Hole” in the form of Amazon’s latest TV technology.

There are other forms and causes of this illness though, and as mentioned above, nectar and its staff has contracted a unique strain, known as the “Blog Hole.” The symptoms include being an otherwise productive and healthy person, except for a conspicuous inability to write blog posts. We had previously made a commitment to our social media and were successfully churning out new blog posts every week. Despite our growing workloads, we were still jazzed and inspired to write. We each set aside quiet time to blog, time to reflect on our creative process, to disengage from clients and email and to think more broadly.

But slowly, one by one, like a deadly virus, the members of the nectar staff each fell into the “Blog Hole,” thereby halting our steady stream of blogs. It’s a deep, dark hole, trapping us so far down that the bright and inspiring light of day can no longer reach us and spur us into writing. We are doing the agency equivalent of knitting ourselves a sweater—we distract ourselves with “real” work, avoiding our starving blog, too intimidated by the vast whiteness of those empty Notepads that are calling for us to fill them up with words. We are at that critical fever point, where the mounting task of making up for missed blog posts seems so impossible that we ignore it and attempt to pretend that it doesn’t exist at all.

It should be noted that the “Blog Hole” is different than writer’s block. Writer’s block is simply when someone feels bullied by an empty screen, and when any word you type to try to fill it feels inadequate or wrong. We have no trouble writing in general, when it is for our various projects and for our clients, but lately we’ve been unable to write for or about ourselves.

But that is not precisely true anymore! Because of this very post. The very act of writing and publishing this blog is the first step in recovery from our “Blog Hole.” So I would like to thank whoever is reading this for indulging in this therapeutic but otherwise pointless post. We appreciate your love and support as we go through the healing process, and we look forward to showering you with a flurry of posts to come when we emerge into the bright internet light of day.

Posted by: Erin Kennedy

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