Hey, I’m a greenhorn.


So, I’m stating publicly that I am an untrained, inexperienced person. Hire me. I’ve spent decades in the advertising business. But to get the goods I need to do my job—I’ll still have to apprentice your business. Why hire me? Let me state for the blog what it means to apprentice (please wipe Trump references from your head). To apprentice means to bind to or place with an employer, master craftsman, or the like, for instruction in a trade. (Sounds archaic—stuffy—but you get the idea; I partner with you and learn your business.)

So what I don’t know is this.

Your business. I am a rookie, an apprentice—a pupil in the field. Why would I promote that about myself and my nectar team? Because rookies ask questions. The best questions, like five-year olds, or reporters and detectives looking for a good angle. We ask questions because we do not know what you know—about your company. We don’t. You do. We ask.

And what I do know is this.

I know the ins and outs of advertising, branding, messaging, blogging, buying, selling, meeting, greeting, filming, editing, programming—get it. I know my shit. I’ve been loving this profession for over 20 years. And what I love most is learning new things. See, it should all fit together like a puzzle piece; the client+agency partnership. That’s what I know. I ask. You tell. A symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. I thoroughly enjoy the relationship I have with my client-partners and I rely on them for information. To quote one of my favorite books, Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads, By Luke Sullivan, Sam Bennett, Edward Boches:

“Know the client. Know their product. Know their market. It will pay off.” However, he also brings in a quote from a copywriter called Mark Fenske, who said:

“Don’t ever give in to the temptation to take the factory tour. Resist. It makes you think like the client. What happens is you’ll start to come up with the same answers the client does.”

I took this book with me on every interview I went on throughout my career. It was my woobie, my inspiration—a reference. I’ve highlighted so many lines that my pages are yellow.

So if you need agency help, get yourself an apprentice. Work with a team that admits they don’t know everything about your business. They will sponge up the information like an A-student. I am so proud of the client-partner model that we work with at nectar. It’s a relationship; and like any relationship you have to work at it. It takes the right client+agency chemistry, but when you value it, nurture it and welcome such integration—creative flows like nectar.

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