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Even in this digital age, a printed piece is still desirable. When we see a magazine we want to pick it up, flip through its pages, rest it on our laps, stuff it in our backpack, share it with a friend or leave it on our coffee tables for others to see. It feels personal, fun and exciting. It can also serve as an expression of your brand–an opportunity for you to connect with your customer, or potential customer, and communicate your message.

Bringing your brand to life is one of our passions here at Nectar. We want to make sure we deliver the most flawless piece possible and bring a smile to your face! That’s why we don’t ease up after designs are submitted to the printer.

One of the final (and often neglected) steps in the journey to printed collateral is a press check at the printing company. We go on-site to offer the press operator another set of eyes to determine if a photo, for example, has too much cyan, magenta, yellow or maybe not enough black. The color proofs you had approved (before the job was on press) are valuable guides, but due to the inherent differences between color proofing techniques and printing itself, colors can still look different on the printed sheet. We work to adjust the color until it looks and feels right.

Color evokes emotion. Just as we might feel a bit down or sluggish on a rainy day, we might not be as receptive to a brochure if the staff photos are too dark and glum or the photography lacks the vibrancy we were hoping to see. A well printed marketing piece reflects the professionalism of your business and will make sure you stand out for all the right reasons.

Posted by: Diana Boven

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