Many* cats were hugged in the making of this blog.

Does a pet-friendly environment equal more creative output?

We have a tiny, two-cat entourage that is a huge part of the nectar creative team. Both are rescues (one of which is from our own @caspca). Their names are Go-kitty and Hazel, and every day I want to blow up nectar’s Instagram with their sweet antics. “Only one kitty post per week,” I’ve been told. “Our social strategy isn’t all about cats.”

While I know everything can’t be cat-related at work, I do have the green light to blog about cats because they are a part of my nectar. They are an ingredient—among many—that make our recipe for creative so warm and lovely.

No one, not one person, doesn’t smile when I show off or mention the kitties in my office. I smile when they smile—the humans, I mean. I smile when I see them wander into and out of my office—the kitties, I’m talking about.

If animals are hugged in the process of generating amazing creative—and the work is amazing—wouldn’t it make sense to keep cats (or dogs) in the mix?

Ten reasons you should have cats in your office. CATS ARE:

  • an Internet phenomenon for good reason
  • introverts, extroverts, entertaining, shy, and crazy—basically your typical creative type
  • stress reducers and serotonin boosters
  • seat warmers
  • playlist neutral
  • autonomous
  • smile generators
  • sleepers and players
  • eaters (yes… I clean the cat box daily)
  • a vital part of my nectar

Always look for the pet-friendly seal on your creative product. You’ll know that the work you get is created in an atmosphere full of creativity, love and serotonin. And serotonin is very good for the brain.

*The same two were hugged repeatedly.

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