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If your family is anything like mine, the holidays are filled with rowdy gatherings, reunions with all the cousins, and futile attempts at squeezing into a group photo. Oh, and there might be a few cocktails or glasses of wine involved as well, because what puts you in the holiday spirit better than spiked eggnog or a warming whiskey drink? So as soon as I turned 21 and my family discovered that I could whip up a mean cocktail, I had a shaker thrust in my hand at every holiday gathering and was charged with keeping the libations flowing throughout the night.

My infamy as the family mixologist inspired me to create a cocktail recipe booklet as a Christmas gift for all of my relatives. I spent the weeks up to Christmas making, testing, photographing, (and drinking!) my most festive concoctions to the booklet. It was such a hit when I brought a draft into work that we decided to create a version for our nectar clients as well. Our nectar Christmas cards already had the message of “We hope you have a nice holiday because we’ve got naughty covered,” so it was only right that we call the booklet “naughty nectar.” We normally relate to clients on such a professional level, that it was refreshing to share a bit of our naughty and fun side.

But naughty nectar didn’t end at a simple recipe booklet. We wanted to further connect with our clients and show them how to make the cocktails as well. So we rounded the troops and dragged our video wizards out of their editing caves to help us shoot a cocktail recipe video. The first shoot was held right in our office on 4th Street and allowed us to share our space and bit of our culture, but as the project grew, we wanted to branch out and engage the community more. The next shoot was at Lynne Goldman Elements, a jewelry store right across the mall from us. We had never met Lynne before, but she graciously allowed us to commandeer her shop for one night, to set up cameras, lights, and a full bar, and to shoot our next video. The resulting video was something we could share on our social media platforms, but it was also something that Lynne could share and link to as well. We like to think of it as neighborly co-marketing! Our next shoot will be at Melody Supreme, our downstairs neighbor, and we’re excited about finding even more local businesses to partner with.

At nectar, we support doing things for the sake of honing our skills and connecting us with the community. Naughty nectar might not seem like “real work” (and it certainly doesn’t feel like work!), but we believe it is important to add value to our clients and to produce something enjoyable that we can share with others. And we urge you to do the same as well. Use your hobbies and the things that you enjoy as vehicles to improve your work and to convey your message.

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