Our World of Color


I love color! Lucky for me some of the most inspirational color palettes are in front of me everyday. Whether it be a new blossom in the garden, a sunset on the beach, a trip to produce market or a stroll through my favorite home goods store I am able to feast my eyes on sensational combinations of color. It can feel like sensory overload at times but it sure fuels my creative fire!

Absorbing the colors and then translating them into an effective color schemes for marketing materials can be overwhelming. So, I decided to do a little research to find out how other designers might tackle this challenge and I landed on a site created by Jessica Colaluca called Design Seeds. Wow – did she create an incredible resource! She “creates color palettes inspired by images” submitted by people from around the world. I share her passion for Nature and am thrilled to see so many of her palettes are derived from the natural world. Take a look and get inspired! I know I am.

Thanks Jessica.


Posted by: Diana Boven

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