“What business are we in?”

User Experience Design. UXD. One of many words thrown around related to the emerging and evolving world of digital content and information conveyance. We have so many conduits for information that creating efficient, effective and enjoyable user experiences has become not just a priority, but a necessity. Since the mass introduction of office computers in the 90’s, the man-machine interaction has been a recognized and important area of design. This has been identified and addressed by most within this industry.

Or has it?

When we (in our industry) think of User Experience Design (UXD) we most likely think in terms of the end product user experience as this is directly tied to the success of our work. We focus on this, we concept, create, schedule, review, brainstorm and throw everything we have into this final, amazing experience for our end user.

Yet what of our client’s experience?

We have an opportunity with every project to create a planned, structured, and appropriate User Experience for our clients. This can accomplish so much towards both enhancing client relationships through understanding, as well as creating a more solid end product.

By spending time up front to learn the ins and outs of all aspects of our client and their business we can structure interaction, collaboration, and a variety of other touch points that specifically fit their personality. Discovery focused not just on project needs, but on the client’s personalities, idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes and more.

Transparency is key as well. No smoke, mirrors or hidden black-magic-tech-jargon with attached fees. It is very important that our clients know what we know, and know where every dollar goes and why. After all, we are in this together.

We may not realize it, but we design user experiences for each and every one of our clients that are just as important as the work they ask us to do. By recognizing this and embracing it as part of our internal process, we can plan accordingly and greatly enhance what we bring to client relationships.

Because, after all…That’s the business we are in.

Posted by: Billy Jack

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