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At nectar, we always encourage clients to use social media, Facebook or Twitter at the very least, to engage with their customers and to generate content related to their business. The feedback we often get though is that clients dont have time and that they already have too many things to manage. Its tough to fit in social media on top of all the other things that are actually in their job descriptions.

At first we were tempted to dismiss these complaints and insist that clients blog and post and tweet, but then we looked at our own social media presence. We realized that we were just as guilty! Our Facebook page and its three lonely posts had been collecting dust for almost a year, and our tweets were sporadic at best. We had set up the accounts during the frenzy of founding nectar just a year and half ago, and we had been neglecting them ever since. So who are we to be telling our clients to take the time to keep up with things that we ourselves arent able to do?

Weve recently made a concerted effort to up our social media game and have taken a dose of our own medicine. Were all extremely busy and have our portion of work cut out for us, so making time for something seemingly non-essential was a challenge; it also felt like it takes us away from the realwork that we were supposed to be doing.

Heres the advice that helped us: Treat it like a job. Schedule it into your day, hold meetings dedicated to social media, and treat it like any other piece of work that you have on your plate. It takes some of the glamour and fun out it, but you need to suck it up. It adds value to your online presence, expands your following, and increases your visibility, and that will make it worth it.

Were now in the stages of working on a content strategy to guide the types of content we want to post and to figure out what content best represents our nectar brand. We could just throw up posts and images at random of all the work weve done, but that doesnt really speak to who we are as a creative company or to all that we can offer our clients. In order for social media to work for your business, you need a targeted approach and an audience in mind. And you you need a consistent voice and tone so that you have a cohesive online presence and so that followers can feel like theyre getting to know you.

Were not going to give away our entire strategy here, so youll just need to wait to see it in action. Were putting in the time, and we hope that we can inspire you to do the same.

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