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Gone are the days when just having a basic web presence was enough. Now, sites need to be responsive; companies need to stay active across multiple media platforms; and users have come to expect sites that are not just visually pleasing, but engaging as well. As a business, you should take any help that you can get when it comes to creating a professional and modern website that is both adaptable and user-friendly.

That is why we like to move clients to WordPress (or update their sites if they are already there). Around 25{1ec963b5e49b71ece78222781bbaf034dc09e9809f998ba753b312453260bf5b} of websites are currently powered by WordPress, and it is the most commonly used Content Management System. It appeals to just about everyone and is used by both amateur bloggers and professional developers alike. WordPress thrives in that sweet spot between a clunky personal website and a completely custom and hugely-expensive web platform or application. You have a range of opportunities for customization, ultimate control over the design, effortless updates, and access to pre-made plugins and integrationsall with a relatively low buy-in and time-commitment.

So why come to an agency for a WordPress website that some freelancer could feasibly develop for you from their mom’s basement? What value does an agency add? It’s all about marketing strategy, content development, and design. Just about everyone and their therapist could create a website for you with just a couple of clicks, but will it be targeting your desired consumers? Will your content represent and further your brand voice? Does it engage visitors and drive them to purchase your services? Does it look like every other templated site currently flooding the web? An agency will make sure that your online message is tailored to your business and to your goals. Strategists will research your market and identify the key areas where you can differentiate your services. You’ll have copywriters and editors figuring out what you should say to appeal to your audience and how to say it. Designers will research current web trends and conventions to create designs that will both stand out and withstand the test of time. You can take advantage of experts from a range of disciplines and let them manage your web project for you. What could be better?

Here are a few examples of our successful client transformations powered by WordPress.


Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center:


Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center Web Design WordPress



Hot Yoga Harrisonburg:


Hot Yoga Harrisonburg WordPress Web Design


Zephyr Environmental Solutions:


nectar WordPress Web Transformation Zephyr Environmental Solutions

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