What is it like to be an intern at nectar?


Hi, my name is Piper, and I am interning with Nectar for the week. I am 14 years old, and in 8th grade at Mountaintop Montessori. I am doing my internship at Nectar because of my interests in Art and programming. During my internship I have been able to shadow various employees. I watched the process of tweaking designs for clients with Diana. I went to a client meeting with Chris and Vicki, and learned how websites are designed and created with Erin. Jeff showed me his work on projection mapping and work with real estate within the virtual world. I got to use an HTC Vive. I have only been here one day but it has given me a realistic idea of how advertising and branding are made and presented, and how websites are programmed and put together.

Posted by: Piper Guiffre

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