Four Generations at Nectar

By grouping people into generations, we have improved our ability to measure social and cultural change. Unfortunately, it has also led to over-generalizations and divisive rhetoric. What would happen if, instead of focusing on the stereotypes, we celebrated the wisdom gained from experiencing a time different from our own? At Nectar, our small team spans Read more about Four Generations at Nectar[…]

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Spontaneous Nose Bleeds?

A few days ago, I was in the middle of washing my face when I began to taste something metallic. I cracked my eye open and looked down to see something terrifying. Blood, blood everywhere- in the sink, splashed on the wall, and to my horror, smeared all over my face. I braced myself for Read more about Spontaneous Nose Bleeds?[…]

Why Local Commercials Suck

The past decade has been revolutionary in the world of video production. Thanks to companies like RED, Sony, and Canon, cinema cameras are becoming more accessible, as are improvements in lighting and drone technology. More affordable and higher quality equipment, as well as DIY informational resources online, allow video professionals like us to create cinema-quality Read more about Why Local Commercials Suck[…]

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