Immersion 101

It’s been 25 years since Lawnmower Man (google it) hit the screens and let audiences imagine an interesting, albeit scary technology; Virtual Reality. The film portrayed a suit and headset (and a dose of SciFi) that gave the user the sense of being in an entirely different world by feeding sight, sound, touch, smell...etc. Controlling Read more about Immersion 101[...]

Virtual Reality in Architectural Visualization

Finally, the technology is here. Working up an immersive experience from a simple sketch or idea. VR will really change the way we see things in a lot of areas from entertainment to visualization. Within the next 10 years the non-linear, exponential growth of this technology will be very visible. For now, it has taken Read more about Virtual Reality in Architectural Visualization[...]

Subtle Messages

What it is in a political logo? Graphic design can communicate all sorts of messages both obvious and sublte. I came across this TIMES article which examines the difference in font sizes used on campaign signs in a couple of the past, and current, presidential campaigns.   A little more digging landed me on Read more about Subtle Messages[…]

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