January 10, 2017


A creative and inspiring journey into immersive, experiential, and interactive technology and art.

Evolving from the technological R&D component of nectar ICC, Flowlab is positioned to both educate and innovate in immersive room-scale virtual reality experiences. We strive to educate, increase awareness, and inspire with multiple community outreach initiatives, public art installations, and experiences throughout the year. Flowlab is currently actively involved with C4K, UVA Hospital Education Program, Blue Ridge School and has worked with Albemarle County Schools in assessing VR opportunities. We will continue to foster and grow this outreach.

flowlab debuted original commercial immersive content this year with a multi-unit real estate project for Southern Development Homes. One of only a handful of companies in the country authoring such experiences as fully immersive, walkable, non-video based projects, Flowlab continues to innovate in this area and currently prefers to develop for the HTC Vive.

Immersive. Experiential. Spatial. Interactive

As we process information we create a visual existence for it. Through reading, listening, watching, and in passive observation, we are constantly architecting an experience from our sensory input. History proves we want more: Repetitive dabbles in 3D movies, and recently 3D TV, “immersive” amusement park rides, arcade games, IMAX theater, etc. are all proof we wish to experience “more” regarding “feeling like it’s real.” We want to feel like we are there. We always have.

Virtual reality has fallen prey to the same technological failures and false starts as well. With the rapid onset of VR technology in various forms, it is hard to discern what will trend, mature, and evolve. We are watching the entire “virtual experience” become a mixture of 360 mediums including 360-video, real-time 3D generated imagery, spatial audio, real-time interactive content, and spatial/action/gesture tracked feedback.

Driven by the desire to create a more engaging, memorable, and ‘sticky’ experiential imprint, Flowlab will continue to innovate and author immersive experiences that solve problems, educate, and entertain.

Feel free to reach out/contact us !

  • Flowlab is currently exploring the architecture of virtual experiences in the following areas:
  • Development and architectural visualization experience
  • Medical training
  • Function and System Process visualization experience
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Flowlab is seeking pro bono opportunities to inspire and educate people about VR through various efforts:
  • VR and Immersion talks, on-site presentations and hosted events at flowlab
  • Educational initiative development including on site visits, presentations and hands on demos with interested educators and artists
  • Art installations and events
  • Community outreach: Contact us, we’d love to talk to you or your group!

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